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Carpet Usage Tips
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Handmade carpets are used either as rugs or wall hangings. To preserve their beauty and durability, constant care is necessary. In order to control the bleeding of the colors later, quality carpets are marketed after a special washing.

The pile attracts dust and dirt, therefore, regular cleaning is required to keep the carpets bright and attractive. Vacuum cleaners used in homes, are ideal for cleaning handmade carpets as they suck away the dust and dirt Carpets which have not been cleaned properly for many years should be sent to professional carpet cleaners.

Handmade carpets should not be cleaned like machine made, wall-to-wall carpets. Moisture, grease and moths are the enemies of carpets. Wet carpets should be dried immediately in shade. From time to time, carpets may be wiped with a damp sponge or a white piece of cloth dipped in soapy water, in the same direction. Care must be taken not to get the underside of the carpet wet. A hairdryer may be used to dry damp carpets. Handmade carpets are a part of everyday life and naturally, they are used a lot. When not used for a certain period of time, they should be rolled with moth balls, wrapped in a piece of cloth and stored in a dry place. Worn-out fringes may be replaced in time. Carpets should be repaired by experts only.